1.How can I download the app?

You can find UrbanX in the Appstore or Google Play. Please note that the minimum requirements are Android 4.4 or iOS 8.3.

2.I didn’t receive my confirmation link.

Please check your spam folder. If you still did not receive an email, please repeat the verification process at the start page of the app and request a new confirmation link.

3.What should I take into account when creating my profile?

Make sure that you have selected your favorite types of sport and have set up your location, otherwise users and Meetups will not be displayed.

4.My first Meetup?

You can find the Meetups using the search function on the radar or simply check the Meetup-list. If you want to take part in the Meetup, just click on the ‘Join’ button in the Meetup’s description. As a participant of the Meetup you will be informed about all updates.

5.Is there a minimum age for using UrbanX?

You must be at least 12 years old to download the app. In order to be able to find other people and see them on the radar, you must be at least 18 years old. If you are under 18, other people will not be able to see you on the radar or can search for your profile and Meetups.

6.My app has crashed, what’s now?

Please check if you use the latest iOS or Android version. If the error occurs repeatedly, a reinstallation of the app should help in most cases. Otherwise, send us an e-mail to support@urbanx.info, we would be grateful for any feedback.

7.Can I share my Urban Xperiences also on Facebook and Instagram?

Not yet, but we are already working on this feature.

8.How can I report inappropriate content or block other users?

You can either report a post or Meetup or block the user via the ‘Edit’ function (three vertically arranged points in the upper right corner above each post). Bear in mind that you must follow the user to block him. Under ‘Settings’ in the side menu you will find the function ‘Blocked users’. Here you can also unblock them.

9.How can I deactivate my account?

Under ‘Settings’ in the side menu you can deactivate your account any time so that your profile cannot be found in the app. If you want to delete your account completely, please send us an email to support@urbanx.info.

10.Can I create groups within UrbanX?

There is currently no specific feature for that. However, you can easily create a private Meetup, set it to ‘redo weekly’, invite your friends and you will have your group!

11.Is there a chat feature in UrbanX?

The chat is to be introduced in the future. At the moment you can communicate with other users only within the Meetup’s comments or in the stream.

12.I can’t find Meetups and people.

Please check the settings in ‘Settings / Privacy’ to see if your location services are activated and check in your profile whether your correct location is set via GPS.

13.How can I access the past Meetups?

Open the Meetup screen, you will see the ‘Past Meetups’ tab below. Update once. Now all your previous Meetups should appear, which you can relist and change as often as you like.

14.Can I search for Meetups or people in another city?

Yes, you can! Open the radar and change the city in the search bar at the right top. Now you should be able to see people and Meetups in the selected city.

15.What if my sport is not included in the sports selection?

Then choose the sport which is most alike to the one you want to do. We steadily collect your proposals and adapt the sports listed to the needs of our users. If you can’t find your sport, please send us an email support@urbanx.info.

16.Who can participate in my Meetups?

If your Meetup is public, anyone who wants to participate can participate in the Meetup. However, you can also create private Meetups and invite only your friends. Private Meetups are only visible to you and invited users.

17.Who can see my profile and location?

The following data are visible for each user:

– Username

– Profile picture

– Age

– City (if activated)

– Your favorite sports

– Description/ Your status

– Your posts

– Your Meetups

Your personal data such as your full name, your exact address and your date of birth are not visible for any user.

18.How can I find Meetups which appeal to me?

You can search for your perfect Meetup using the search function in the Meetup List (in the upper left corner of the radar screen) or simply create your own. In the right upper corner of the radar screen, you can limit your search to specific sports, a specified vicinity and a specified timeframe to find the right Meetup for you!

19.How do I find the right training partner and new friends?

You can use the person search in the upper right corner of the radar to find the right training partner for you. You can type the username of a person directly in the search field above or limit the users shown by age and gender via the settings in the upper right corner.

20.Can I invite friends to UrbanX?

Yes, of course! We would be delighted if you invite friends to UrbanX! The ‘Invite Friends’ function can be found in the app’s side menu.

21.How can I give feedback in the app?

There is a special feature inside the app: just shake your smartphone and a new field appears – here you can give your feedback!